What We Offer

We match shipper's demand and carrier's capacity in real-time. Our sophisticated technologies and algorithms automate labor intensive and time consuming processes. Save tons by getting real time, on-the-spot bids by the best matched and vetted carriers.


Lower spot-rates than your contracted year-around rates Deep-Match-A.I.(TM) technology that identifies the optimal carriers for your load No more endless rounds of RFQ \ RFP events Real-time tracking and status updates of your shipment.


Free fleet tracking. Only get offers on loads that are right for you and pick-up close to where your trucks will be delivering. No factoring or quick-pay fees. Get paid upon delivery.

  • Don't search, we find!
    Marketplace 4.0
    1.Deep-Match-A.I.(TM) technology with adaptive learning 2.Bid and accept bids on the fly
  • Real time tracking
    AND progress reports
    1.Literary watch your load move on a map 2.In-and-out times at each pickup and delivery. 3.Notification of various events such as, truck arrival\departure, delays etc.
  • Single source
    for your shipping needs
    1.Vetted and rated carriers 2.Relevant paperwork at your fingertips - or in your mail box



    • Create an account
    • Post your load
    • Receive bids from pre-screened and rated carriers. Carriers are rated on multiple categories, making it simple for you to pick the right truck. This process can be automated by pre-defining your requirements
    • Once the truck has been selected, you will start tracking it and receive notifications of its progress
    • Upon final delivery, we will pay the carrier and send you an invoice

    • Create your account
    • As soon as we have a suitable load for you, we will send you an invitation to bid
    • Submit a bid for the load via SMS or email
    • Once the customer accepts your bid, we will send you the dispatch information
    • After delivering the load, scan and email the documents and we will process your payment immediately.
    • Whether you prefer payment via check or electronically, you will not be charged quick-pay or factoring fees
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    Burbank CA 91505
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